We are at a crossroads as a species and our food and farming systems must change to meet the challenges ahead.

Viva! Farming wants to transform our food system by helping farmers transition away from using animals in agriculture. Our aim is to provide the necessary information and support to farmers who take pride in the fact they feed the nation but want to do so in a more sustainable and just way. We invite the farming community to join us on the journey to a plant-based food system that is fair for the planet and all sentient life.

We see a future with an end to animals in the food system and letting those left live out their natural lives in sanctuaries. A future where the UK has the maximum level of food sovereignty possible and we are a world leader in plant-based proteins and horticulture. Our farmers will be fairly compensated for their guardianship of the land, nutritious food and low carbon emissions. No one will have to suffer food insecurity and everyone will have a stake in the food system by fostering close relations and understanding between farmers and consumers.

That transition is already underway. Join the farmers and food supplies who have switched to the plant-based market.

Viva! Farming is working towards four goals:


A Roadmap to a Plant-Based Food System

Farmers - we need you!

We know how hard farmers work under difficult conditions in an industry that is increasingly unprofitable and unsustainable. We strongly believe in a just transition that retains your skills and is economically viable.

Our network of organisations, entrepreneurs and key figures in the farming transition and plant-based food world can provide you with the necessary support to guide you through each stage of your farm transition.

Why vegan farming?

For farmers

Farmers are part of the solution. We believe our food producers deserve dignity and a decent living for feeding the nation. Transitioning to vegan farming is an opportunity for UK farmers to be at the forefront of change and at Viva! Farming we link up entrepreneurs, organisations and changemakers so farmers can meet the demands of the growing plant-based market.

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For the planet

We are facing climate and ecological breakdown and animal agriculture is a leading cause. Farming is the problem AND the solution. Vegan farming preserves biodiversity and habitats, lowers greenhouse gas emissions and uses less land and resources

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For health

There is now ample evidence that a vegan diet is healthy for all stages of life. A rich and varied plant-based diet is proven to reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes, as well as lowering blood pressure, cholesterol and promoting a healthy body weight.

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For animals

Most of the 1.2 billion land animals and 1 billion fish killed for food each year in the UK are raised on cramped and dirty factory farms. These sentient beings suffer inhuman conditions and are denied the ability to act out their natural behaviours and enjoy their complex social lives. The way society views other animals is shifting and the food system is changing to reflect this.

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For people

The current food system is broken. Despite a food surplus and increasing yields, 4.7 million people go hungry in the UK. We can create a more equitable, sustainable system, where the UK has food sovereignty and is not reliant on cheap imports.

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