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As much as there are severe problems with animal agriculture, we recognise that the UK’s hardworking farmers are as much a victim of the system as the planet and animals. After all – farmers are human animals as well! The animal agriculture and fishing industry has normalised exploitation and that extends to the humans working in it.

Animal farmers face deteriorating conditions as the industry wakes up to the challenges of changing dietary trends and reaching our planetary boundaries. While large agribusinesses such as Cargill and JBS can easily adapt to new markets, it is the small companies and family farms which are bearing the brunt of the industry’s problems. These farmers suffer from insecurity, low prices at the farmgate and uncertainty around the post-Brexit shake up to the agricultural system.

At Viva! Farming we believe no farmer should be left behind in the new plant-based revolution. Our government and politicians have a duty to protect the farming community and provide the skills needed to transition while ensuring the UK produces its own food rather than relying on cheap imports. This is why we are fighting to help animal farmers transition to vegan farming.

Contact us today to get the support you need to keep your farm, your identity and carry on feeding the nation.

Viva! Farming is your definitive resource to making a successful shift into vegan farming.


Farmers are part of the solution. We believe our food producers deserve dignity and a decent living for feeding the nation. Transitioning to vegan farming is an opportunity for UK farmers to be at the forefront of change and at Viva! Farming we link up entrepreneurs, organisations and changemakers so farmers can meet the demands of the growing plant-based market.

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